August 1, 2017 - About Me

I am A Ng.

I am a Web Developer by day. My interests are in PHP Development particularly with CMS, PHP Frameworks (especially Laravel) and some front-end technologies: JS Frameworks (React, Angular, Vue).

I am also a Video Gamer by night.  I enjoy problem-solving whether they’re real-world issues which can be tackled with Web Development, or to just simply figure out the most efficient way to build Tetris blocks with the pieces given.  Or even sometimes a combination of both, creating an app that parses through a JSON source file to create a loot drop table (Warframe Loot Drop table) or convenient spreadsheets to calculate what your current power level is so you can figure out what level the item drops are in Destiny 2.  Current games I’m into are Destiny 2, Diablo 3, and Overwatch.