May 6, 2018 - Back in business!

A “little” late with updates but I’m working again! Found myself a contract job and have been at it for about 3 months now.  Although I’m enjoying the work, I am still looking for something more stable and have been approached on Linked In by a number of recruiters.  Guess its hiring season again! So we’ll see what comes out of those.

Also finally got the chance to play around with discord bots and have created a personal one for me to check created_on dates for accounts. I used node.js only for the sake of simplicity and there’s good reference @  In most cases, you’d need to be on the same server as the bot to be able to get that info, I guess because you can pull a lot more info also like last msg activity, past nicknames and such.

Hosting the personal bot on AWS also so finally I got a chance to take a look into that and set up a node.js box with a mysql db just for fun.  Hoping to do more in the future but that’s about it for now.

Aside from just programming languages, I decided to also look into the roots of my own native language, Cantonese.  I actually know what the 6 tones are now! If you already know the numbers, it’s 194056!