June 15, 2017 - Back to Basics

Did some assessments for job interviews and figured those might be a nice show case. Or at least have a log of this stuff so I can come back to and look at. While coding, I was thinking of doing what I had always had in mind, to start building an array of libraries which I can reuse. I never really had the foresight to always keep some code I’ve written in the past because I always thought I can go back to it easily. But once a project was done, it always stayed archived on company servers so I never thought I’d lose access to it (until I got laid off). Now that I’m starting my own repository of code (maybe even moving some of this to GITHUB someday since that’s the trend now a days).

While doing these interviews, I also tried to brush up on some of the basics.

  • What is Object Orientated Programming? APIE
    • Abstract – Preserving relevant information and discarding the irrelevant.
    • Polymorphism – able to have a function/method work in a variety of different ways depending on input parameters.
    • Inheritance – ability for a class to rely on other classes (parents, extends) for some of it’s properties and methods.
    • Encapsulation – store related information (data members and methods) within an object.
  • Javascript stuffs
    • Javascript uses Objects.
    • Functions are passed by value. However Object properties are passed by reference. So if object properties are changed within a function, they DO get reflected in the object itself outside that function. (JS Tests)