January 11, 2020 - One door closes, another one opens!

Oh, how fast time has flown. It was only a year and a half ago I started my time at CH. And honestly, I have to say it was the best time of my career. When I first went there, I knew exactly that was the kind of environment I wanted to be in. It also helped that I was quite a fan of the YouTube videos even before coming in.

The first few days I was there, I was always hearing people laughing probably from the video editing process or whatnot. The people I got to work with were also amazingly smart and talented! I had so much to learn from them. All I could realistically offer were food recommendations and I held on to that for dear life until Discord integration came along. And then finally when it was time to release the product I was really hired there for, it was such a great and proud milestone. It was nice to be able to contribute and be seen as equals with different qualities we all had to make the whole thing working. Everyone was professional but also knew how to have fun.

Then more and more milestones came about. The launch of mobile apps, TV apps, International versions of the site/app (for GDPR), Facebook Watch Integration a high profile project which gave us the chance to work directly with FB Developers together to have synced login and membership, and finally an updated Discord integration which I have personally prayed for to allow users to have a role/participation access change rather than being invited/kicked based on subscription status making for a more friendly experience. We have all accomplished a lot within this past year and a half but yet it just wasn’t enough at least in the eyes of our parent company.

And so, it ends this chapter where I’d have to say goodbye to a lot of people I just started getting to know when overall, just being in their presence alone felt very gratifying like a family even. And so, on to my next projects… and new goals. Hopefully, I can continue this trend and still keep relations with this family. The amount of support after this happened is tremendous and overwhelming, from fans, from friends, even when I posted about it, I realized most of the managers I’ve worked with has also commented and given their support. So it makes me hopeful that this is just another part of my journey that I can continue forward but not really leaving the people I have worked with behind…. I’m not crying… you are! *sniff*

UPDATE: I’ve also created a site directory to help recruiters get in touch with all this talent.