November 30, 2017 - Show me the money!

So I’ve been interviewing a little more and have even started a GitHub repo to keep and share my coding projects which can be found here Currently, I only really gave 2 projects in there – Use Laravel to create a Survey/Quiz type page which is log-in protected and can show the results in a graph format. – Use OOP Php to fetch and organize some JSON data and JS to display the data.

I also started converting this site to Laravel’s October CMS but what’s bugging me more and more about it is that unlike WordPress, the content and theme isn’t as separated as I’d like it to be. I kind of mentioned that in the last post but I think it’s starting to be a deal breaker for me and so I think I’ll keep this as a WP site a little longer and see what else I can do here, perhaps build different themes and some plugins to familiarize myself a little more with WP’s limitations.